For quite a few years now I have been providing expert appraisal services in Russian-English/English/Russian translation in oil and gas. My vast and diverse experience in translation, extensive knowledge in professional nomenclature and in the specificity of the "oil/gas speak" allow me to appraise expertly the quality of third-party translation and to find gross translation errors.

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My expert appraisal services are requested by::

  • Translation agencies, for translators' quality control & assurance
  • Companies looking for an independent appraisal of the quality of translations they intend to use in their work when the materials translated are related to such sensitive aspects as evaluation of existing or potential assets, bargaining, tendering, preparation and submission of quotations and legal documentation required to refer a dispute to arbitration, either in Russia or abroad.

My expert appraisal is a report containing the original text provided by my client, its translated version submitted for appraisal, my own translation and a list of gross translation errors I have found.

You can also ask for a free expert appraisal of a translation of your choosing. If so, please submit a fragment of the original text and its translated version limited to 120 words.

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and legal translation
in geology, oil and gas

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