This is a personal website of Elena Sineva, a professional translator and an English teacher.

I specialize in Russian-English/English-Russian translation in oil and gas industry and petroleum geology.

Here on my website you can find info about my work and terms of contracting my services as well as my personal views about translation as a profession.


If you would ask me what it means to me to be a translator, I would tell you this: it means to make it possible for others to communicate and understand each other despite all and any language and cultural differences. The quality of this communication is a direct function of a translator's skills, of their ability to make the target text sound and look as if it had been pronounced and written in the target language. A translator must be fully aware of the degree to which those communicating via them are dependent upon them. An error or negligence may cause a serious break in understanding and unnecessary grievances. A translator's responsibility is to promote understanding and unity among people.

I have been specializing in oil/gas translation for more than 30 years now. I have gained a huge experience in translating all kinds of documents on geology, equipment, finance, planning, legal and logistical support of oil and gas development & production that helped me obtain in-depth understanding of the entire industry and is a guarantee of highest quality services I provide.

I believe it a duty of a translator to gain familiarization with and complete command of the spelling, grammar and stylistics of both a foreign language and the one a translator is native in (which is itself of no small importance). A translator is expected both to understand the nomenclature and to comprehend the essence of their field of specialization. No adequate translation is conceivable otherwise.

It is my belief that translation is an activity combining numerous factors to be known and taken into account by a translator. These are industry-related specifics of speech ("industry-speak"), differences in understanding the same terms by members of different professions, stylistic particulars of highly tailored texts and a great plenty of other aspects, ever-developing and changing. All this is what compels me to keep studying, deepening my knowledge, updating my skills and being in tune with new developments in my clients' fields of interest.

This attitude to the profession of translation has gained me my long-term clients' confidence in my capabilities and trustworthiness. My constant cooperation and interaction with my clients really help me acquire a wide acquaintance and a minute knowledge of the professional and linguistic specifics of each of them. Maintaining this type of cooperation is essential to achieve maximum translation accuracy, a goal I am striving for.

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