Elena Sineva has always been precise and scrupulous in translating and editing huge volumes of all sorts of documents for our company: progress and close-out reports, the English content of our website, contracts with foreign parties for processing and interpretation of seismic data, geological models of target areas and estimates of their hydrocarbon potential, results of core analyses, etc. Elena is a highly skilled translator well versed in oil and gas related subjects and an extremely communicative person.

N.Kh. Shainyan, General Director

For our Kalmrost Oil Company Elena Sineva has made a splendid English-into-Russian translation of the "Kalmrost Area, Karpinsky Ridge: Provisional Paleozoic Evaluation", a report prepared for us by Petroleum Geophysical Services, Norway. Experts from both companies made special mention of the flawlessness of Elena's translation.

N.P. Pinchuk, First Deputy General Director
Kalmrost Oil Company

For Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha Elena Sineva has performed a Russian-into-English translation of a large variety of very significant documents: the 7-volume "Field Development Program for Srednebotuobinskoe Oil/Gas Field", licensing agreements, statistics reporting forms and a number of documents of statewide significance. All these have been high-quality translations produced on a tight schedule.

N.A. Kostarev, Executive Director
Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha

Mrs. Elena Sineva is hereby highly acknowledged by Petroconsultants SA, Geneva, for the extensive cooperation and high-class Russian-into-English translation of Basin Monitors covering a number of regions in ex-USSR countries.

Jean Christophe Fueg, Vice President
Petroconsultants SA (Geneva)

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