• General geology.
  • Geotectonics.
  • Stratigraphy, seismostratigraphy.
  • Lithology, petrophysics.
  • Geochemistry.
  • Oil and gas industry.
  • Petroleum geology and geochemistry.
  • Reservoir analysis.
  • Reservoir simulation.
  • Oil and gas reserve estimation and resource evaluation.
  • Classification of oil and gas reserves/resources.
  • Licensing.
  • Prospecting & exploration.
  • Geophysics (seismic exploration, well logging).
  • Development of onshore and offshore oil, gas and gas condensate reserves.
  • Completion of oil and gas wells.
  • Field infrastructure.
  • Offshore and onshore drilling, completion, testing and logging.
  • Drilling and field equipment.
  • Oil and gas transportation.
  • Pipelines.
  • Resource conservation and environmental protection.
  • Financing, planning, legal and logistical support of oil and gas prospecting, exploration, development and production.

I have more than 30 years' translation experience in the oil & gas industry. I am very well versed in Russian and foreign oil and gas terminology and specifics. I am quite familiar with Russian-English/English-Russian translation of texts, tables and graphics. My clients speak of my fundamental understanding of the particulars of the oil & gas industry. I have had the honor to translate for Rosneft, Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha, Achimgaz, Wintershall, Petroconsultants/IHSenergy, Sovgeoinfo and other companies.

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  • Technical translation: methodological and reference materials, diagrams and drawings, research and operating progress reports, articles, synopses of theses, books, company websites.
  • Translation in economics and finance: technical/economic assessments, feasibility studies, financial statements and accounting reports.
  • Legal translation: contracts and various legal instruments.


  • Written English-Russian/Russian-English translation — from 500 RUR per 250 words of translated text.
  • Editing texts previously translated (Russian, English) — from 400 RUR per 250 words of edited text.
  • Editing diagrams, figures, etc. — from 200 RUR per object.


Translation services are available under respective contracts. Confidentiality guaranteed. I sign contracts as a professional individual (private entrepreneur).

Services rendered are paid for into my professional individual's bank account, exempt from VAT owing to the simplified tax system.

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